Thursday, August 2, 2012

Class Action Defamation of Character Lawsuit Against Melinda Jane Kellogg

TO:  Every Individual Defamed By Melinda J. Kellogg, PhD

FROM: MJKellogg Defamation Lawsuit Steering Committee

DATE: August 2, 2012

RE:  Class Action Lawsuit against Melinda J Kellogg, PhD

The MJKellogg Defamation Lawsuit Steering Committee (MJKDLSC) has been formed to oversee an international legal initiative being undertaken with the explicit purpose of filing both a criminal and civil Defamation of Character lawsuit against Melinda Jane Kellogg, PhD.

Ms. Kellogg has engaged in the most criminal form of premeditated character assassination perpetrated with the deliberate intention of destroying reputations, families, businesses and relationships running across the spectrum of human interactions.  The MJKDLSC was formed in the interest of filing a class action lawsuit against Ms Kellogg for all of her criminal actions related to this ongoing crime spree.

If you have come to this website, and have proof of being victimized by Ms. Kellogg,  please feel free to email copies of any and all evidence to the email address shown below.  Whether you intend to become a plaintiff in the lawsuit or not, please know that this committee is receiving evidence from numerous indivduals who have been on the receiving end of Ms. Kellogg's extremely destructive defamatory conduct.

This twofold legal initiative will be initiated as a criminal defamation of character legal action.  The second part of the initiative will advance as a civil defamation of character lawsuit against Ms. Kellogg. Anyone wishing to participate in one or the other, or both, is certainly welcomed to do so to whatever extent possible.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Melinda J. Kellogg internet crime spree, please understand that so many have been terrorized by her criminal behavior that it is now time for her to be legally turned over to the proper psychiatric institutions for immediate intervention.  Although she has been in serious need of immediate mental health intervention for many years, she has somehow eluded both the psychiatric health authorities and the appropriate caregivers.

Truly, the internet community has never seen anyone so bent on her own personal destruction as Melinda Jane Kellogg.  We trust that, through these legal initiatives, Ms. Kellogg will ultimately receive all the psychiatric treatment which she is in desperate need of.

Ms. Kellogg has repeatedly expressed suicidal intentions, as well as spoken of her desire to seriously harm others; therefore, it is imperative that this endeavor be undertaken expeditiously.  Not only is she at risk of harming herself; those in her presence may also be in great danger without knowing it.

Thank you for your contribution to this legal initiative.